Certified organic, natural and sustainable.

Take care of your home with plant-based detergents that respect all surfaces and dishes, sanitize, degrease and clean thoroughly, leaving a fresh, clean scent.


Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested,
organic and naturally based.

You can wash your and your baby’s clothes with detergents made with the best raw materials to respect all fabrics and your skin.



Deep clean thanks to special blends and formulations of natural origin.

Clean all objects and surfaces in your home, office and car with detergents that arise from an ancient tradition and made with selected raw materials.

Laundry detergents

Natural and eco-friendly ingredients.

Try the softness of your clothes, wear scented and clean garments every day, washed with detergents that respect you and the environment.
For intense or delicate washes, choose only artisanal plant-based products.

Historical processes of the soap factory

Historical processes of the soap factory

An old history of passions continues with its quality
tradition and preserving the uniqueness of the products addressed to demanding, refined and affectionate customers.
Alighiero Campostrini with his hand made products holds the cultural secrets of the Tuscany Region, surprising and exciting our sensitive “audience” who feels connected with our beautiful Country.